Upfront Payment


General Services Price
Acute Consultation R450.00
Acute Consultation & Chronic Care: Cost of Chronic care and add a top up cost of R200 Chronic Condition + R200.00
Chronic Conditions x2: Greater cost of the two & add R200 Chronic Condition + R200.00
Pre-employment Medical Examination R400.00
3-7 Day Postnatal Visit R375.00
Script Only R200.00
Pap Smear Only R400.00
Follow-up consultation within 7 days R150.00
Acute Burns Care & Treatment R600.00
Wound Care: Dressing Follow-up R350.00
Wound Care & Sutures required R650.00
Abscess Incision & Drainage R650.00
Removal of a Foreign Body R700.00
Removal of Sutures R150.00

HIV Care & Treatment Price
New Diagnosis and Year 1 per month of Treatment R1000.00
HIV Care and Treatment (Year 2 & Stable)

Paediatric HIV Preventative Care & Treatment R150.00

Hypertension Care & Treatment Price
Hypertension Step 1-3 R450.00
Hypertension Step 4 R500.00

Asthma Care & Treatment

Chronic Asthma R500.00
Acute Asthma R450.00

Family Planning Price
Oral & Injectable Contraception R200.00
IUD Insertion R450.00 (Purchase from Pharmacy then Insertion)
Implant Removal As per removal of foreign body above R700.00

Antenatal Care (Please note ANC excludes Chronic Medication e.g. Hypertension, Diabetes, and more)
HIV Care and Treatment is FREE during Antenatal Care
Antenatal Care Free
HIV Care and Treatment (New diagnosis and on chronic treatment) Free
Chronic Care as per the price list above Free
*Please note that cost of antenatal care including HIV Care and Treatment is as long as the donation funding covers the required costs of care. Upon such time we shall revert to a fee-for-service package. Please ensure with each visit you bring cash to cover the care and treatment in the event that the funding is exhausted.

Antenatal Care (Please note ANC excludes Chronic Medication e.g. Hypertension, Diabetes, and more)
HIV Care and Treatment is FREE during Antenatal Care
Pregnancy Test R65.00
Prostate Test R65.00
Glucose Test R65.00
Cholesterol Test R65.00
HB Test R65.00
Blood Pressure R50.00
HIV Testing ONLY R300.00
Laboratory Tests via Lancet as per the cash doc Price List As per Lancet cash doc Price List

Dental Clinic Price
Consultation R350.00
Extraction *per tooth R500.00
Filling *per tooth R500.00
Cleaning R450.00
Whitening R1700.00
Dentures 1 tooth R1500.00
2 teeth R1700.00
3 teeth R1900.00
4 teeth R2100.00
Veneers *per tooth R3500.00
3-Unit Bridge R9000.00
Crown *per tooth R4000.00
Ceramic Maryland Bridge R4500.00
Gold-Silver Maryland Bridge R4500.00
Dental Gold U/L R750.00
Full R800.00
Custom R1000.00
Dental Silver U/L R850.00
Full R900.00
Custom R1100.00
Platinum U/L R1400.00
Full R1500.00
Custom R1600.00
Chrome U/L | Full R2700.00
Custom R3000.00
18 Karat Gold *per tooth R5500.00
Gold-Silver Maryland Bridge R4500.00

*Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

*Please call the clinic to get further details on accurate prices as these are only guidelines. 

*Sicela ushayele umtholampilo ukuthola eminye imininingwane ngamanani anembile njengoba le kuyiziqondiso kuphela.