Medical Aid or Upfront Payment


General ServicesPriceTest ONLYPrice
ConsultationR400.00Pregnancy TestR60.00
Pre-employment Medical ExaminatioR375.00Glucose TestR60.00
3-7 Day Postnatal VisitR375.00Cholesterol TestR60.00
Script OnlyR200.00HB TestR60.00
Pap Smear OnlyR350.00Blood PressureR50.00
Follow-up consultation within 7 daysR100.00HIV Testing ONLYR200.00
Wound Care – SuturesR400.00 + R200.00 = R600.00
Removal of a Foreign BodyR400.00 + R250.00 = R650.00
Removal of SuturesR150.00
Abscess Incision & DrainageR400.00 + R200.00 = R600.00

Family PlanningPriceAntenatal Care (Please note ANC excludes Chronic Medication)Price
Family PlanningR150.00Antenatal Clinic First VisitR600.00
IUD InsertionR450.00 (Purchase from Pharmacy then insertion)Antenatal Follow-up (First & Second Trimester)R400.00
Antenatal Follow-up (Third Trimester)R250.00
Sonar OnlyR400.00

Antenatal Care & Chronic CarePrice
Antenatal Clinic First Visit & Chronic CareR600.00 + R350.00 = R950.00
Antenatal Follow-up (First & Second Trimester)
& Chronic Care
R400.00 + R350.00 = R750.00
Antenatal Follow-up (Third Trimester) & Chronic CareR250.00 + R350.00 = R700.00

*Please note that prices are subject to change without notice, should medical aid be insufficient the client is then responsible to
  pay the balance.