Esizayo Clinic is a primary healthcare clinic located in Cosmo City, Johannesburg.

About Right Clinic Esizayo.

The clinic was launched with the goal of providing an affordable healthcare facility for the people living and working around Cosmo City who can’t afford private health insurance and wish to avoid long queues at the local clinic or to travel to public hospitals situated further away. Esizayo Clinic aims to fill the gap for patients without medical aids but who can pay for services, while driving down health costs in Cosmo City. The container clinic serves up to 4000 patients per month.


At Esizayo, patients pay a basic fee of R400 which includes a consultation with a doctor or nurse, as well as screening, testing and medication. …

The clinic offers acute care, chronic care, treatment of minor ailments, mother and child healthcare, and screening for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, TB, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, cervical and prostate cancer.


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Esizayo Clinic is an initiative of the health NGO, Right to Care, and falls under their Right Clinic division. This division provides a fee-for-service primary healthcare where challenges to accessing healthcare are present.

Right Clinic is committed to delivering the gold standard of primary healthcare at a reduced price and Esizayo Clinic will now be used as a model for illustrating future expansion into communities with insufficient healthcare access

Esizayo is aligned with the National Department of Health’s Ideal Clinic program and has paperless patient records, a data gathering system, wheelchair access, 24-hour security and offers modern healthcare technologies.


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