As part of Right to Care’s commitment to creating and improving access to quality healthcare for all South Africans, Right Clinic advocates and campaigns for the lowering of the costs of primary healthcare and in doing so, aims to set the gold standard of affordable healthcare in South Africa.

What is advocacy?

For Right Clinic, advocacy is the work we do to influence the policies and actions of governments, international institutions and the private sector, in order to achieve positive changes in South Africa’s healthcare landscape.

The changes that we are dedicated to making a reality include universal access to primary healthcare facilities and lowering the costs of services.

Advocacy and Campaigns

For the Community

Our advocacy and campaigns build on the insights generated by our programs and the results of Right to Care Research Esizayo in the immediate community as the pilot program and model for the future. We know that we can only sustain the impact of our programmes, and take that impact to scale, by persuading and challenging governments and other institutions with power and resources to change their own policies and practice. Advocacy encompasses research and policy analysis, lobbying, communications and public campaigning by both Right to Care and Right Clinic as agents of change.